We are Jinka!

And we’re so glad you stopped by! Our journey started in 2019–at a summer camp, of all places. With an emphasis on oceanic sustainability and life-long health, we wanted to make sure we were serving our campers the very best plant-based meals. My grandmother, a plant-based home chef for over sixty years, worked with me to create a vegan tuna that would not only taste delicious, but have a similar nutritional profile to traditional tuna.

Our tuna was a hit!

The campers loved it! And so did the parents. Why? Because unlike traditional tuna, Jinka contains no harmful mercury or micro plastics. Not only that, our tuna contains the protein and omega fatty acids that people look for in seafood products. Pretty soon, parents were asking for the recipe. We realized that a product like ours simply didn’t exist on shelves. So we set out to change that! Within a single calendar year, Jinka was on shelves in several niche grocery stores throughout California and we can’t wait to spread our love to more people!


From the very beginning, our mission has been to offer a great-tasting product that provides the nutritional benefits of traditional tuna… and more! We also aim to serve as an educational resource and build awareness as eco-warriors near and far work to make the little changes that help to preserve our precious natural resources.

Little Changes Add Up! At Jinka, we believe in moderation, especially when it comes to your diet. While we fully support those who’ve chosen a 100% plant-based diet, we also know that little switches add up! Adding Jinka to one meal a week is a small way to live more sustainably and honor your body.

Give Our Ocean A Break! Traditional tuna fishing is taxing on oceanic ecosystems. Tuna is a popular fish both in North America and beyond, making overfishing a huge issue. Additionally, many non-target species are killed in the process of fishing tuna, creating waste in an environment already stretched thin by human behavior.

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Algal Oil is one of the richest source of Omega-3 fats which can benefit brain health during pregnancy and early life!

More than meets the Eye!

In our digital age, we’re always glued to our screens, resulting in eye fatigue or irritation. Omega-3 can help by decreasing your tear evaporation rate, as well as fight age-related musclular degeneration.

Combats Inflammation

Omega-3’s may inhibit compounds that trigger inflammatory conditions and help combat ailments such as arthritis, colitis, and even asthma!

Fiber, Iron, & Potassium, Oh My!

Yes! All three! Here’s the run down: Fiber: Great for gut health and digestion. Iron: Helps our blood deliver oxygen throughout our body. Potassium: Needed for our bodies to pretty much function!


Great for the heart! Soy is a healthy source of Omega – 3 & 6 fats which is tied to numerous heart benefits such as lowering blood pressure!

Essential Amino Acids

Soy is a complete protein that has all nine essential amino acids needed for the building blocks in health muscles and bone.